Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

Classic Pasa Salad is a favorite of mine. When the weather heats up cold salads become more appealing. This version is chock full of colorful veggies. Feel free to use whichever veggies you have on hand. I typically use a combination of fresh and frozen organic.

Makes about 2-4 servings but can easily be doubled


Pasta Salad Ingredients

1/2 Pacakge of Whole Wheat Spiral Pasta 

1/2 Red Pepper chopped

1/3 Small Red Onion chopped

2 Green Onions sliced

1 cup Broccoli ( I used Frozen )

1/2 cup of Frozen Peas

1 Carrot chopped

1/3 cup Chopped Parsley 

Creamy Dill Dressing 

Salt & Pepper 

Dill Dressing Ingredients

3 Tbsps of @followyourheart Vegenaise 

2 Tbsps of Organic Italian Dressing (any vegan brand)

Handful Fresh Chopped Dill (about a 1/4 cup)

1 1/2 tsps of @bragglivefoodproducts

Amino Acids 

Salt & Pepper 


1. Cook pasta according to directions (add Peas and Broccoli in with the pasta for the last two minutes of cooking time) 

2. Chop the rest of the veggies and add to cooled pasta 

3. Add dressing and chopped parsley and toss well