Sesame Shiso Udon Noodles

Sesame Shiso Udon Noodles

Sesame Shiso Udon Noodles

I fell in love with the flavor of Shiso when I visited Japan many years ago. Since then I literally rejoice whenver I come across it!

The flavors of Sesame and Shiso go so well with these very special Udon noodles that are made with Chlorella.



1/2 Pacakge of @sunchlorellausa Udon Noodles
Fresh Shiso Leaves 
Sesame Seeds

Dressing Ingredients

2 Tbsp of Toasted Sesame Oil
2 Tbsp of Shiso flavored Ponzu Sauce from @coldmountainmiso  (you can use yuzu or citrus flavored Ponzu instead)
2 tsp of @marukanvinegar Rice Vinegar 
1 tsp of @sanjtamari Tamari 
Sesame Seeds

Serves 2


Chlorella has been around as a supplement for a long time but seems to be seeing a resurgence and for good reason.
There are many health benefits associated with taking Chlorella

1. Binds to heavy metals, aiding in detox
2. It can enhance your immune system
3. It may help improve cholesterol
4. It can act as an antioxidant
5. It can help regulate blood pressure 
6. It could also help improve blood sugar levels


1. Cook the Udon Noodles according to package directions

2. Once the Noodles have been rinsed in cold water, refrigerate them for 5-10 minutes while you prepare the dressing

3. Whisk together the ingredients for the dressing

4. Chop the Shiso Leaves. Leave some whole for garnish

5. Toss the Noodles with the dressing and garnish with more Shiso and Sesame Seeds