I hadn’t had Spanakopita since going Vegan! This recipe came out fantastic thanks to the awesome Vegan Feta from Violife.

You can actually see how it’s made in the video section.



1 package of Phyllo Dough

1 lb Baby Spinach 

Small Onion finely chopped

1/4 cup Green Onion or Chives

1/4 cup chopped Fresh Dill

2 Tbsp of chopped Parsley

1 pacakge @violifeamerica Feta Cheese

2 @followyourheart VeganEggs

Tofu Ricotta

1/2 cup Olive Oil

1/2 cup melted Vegan Butter

Salt & Pepper to taste

Tofu Ricotta Ingredients

3/4 of a block of Extra Firm Tofu drained and crumbled

1 1/2 Tbsp of Tahini ( you can substitute 2 Tbsp of Vegan Cream Cheese)

2 tsp of White Miso ( I like Cold Mountain Miso)

2 Tbsp Nutrional Yeast

1/2 tsp of Garlic Powder or 1 clove finely minced

Juice from 1/2 a small Lemon

1 tsp of chopped Parsley

Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate for at least 30- 60 minutes. It’s even better if made the night before so the flavors can blend.


1. Crumble the Feta into the Baby Spinach

2. Add the Tofu Ricotta, Oil, Chopped Onion and Herbs and mix well (using your hands really works best)

3. Add in the VeganEgg and mix again

4. In a large baking dish, line the bottom with a few sheets of Phyllo dough making sure that the ends hang over the dish. Brush with melted butter

5. Pour in the Spinach and Feta filling and fold over the ends of the Phyllo dough. Add a few more sheets to the top and brush with butter

6. Crumple up a few more layer of Phyllo and place on top to create texture. Pour the remaining butter over the entire dish.

7. Pre-cut or score the Spanakopita (will make it easier to remove) before baking at 350 for 1 hour or until golden brown

8. Wait at least 15 -20 minutes to let cool and set up before serving