BLT on Baguette

BLT on Baguette

BLT on Baguette



Fresh Baguette Bread

@followyourheart Vegenaise 

Rice Paper Bacon

Organic Romaine

Organic Tomatoes 

Salt & Pepper to taste

Marinade for the Bacon

3 tsp @sanjtamari Tamari or Soy Sauce

2 tsp of @bragglivefoodproducts Nutritional Yeast

1/4 tsp Smoked Paprika 

A couple of dashes of Liquid Smoke 

1 tsp of Maple Syrup 

2 Tbsp of Water


Rice Paper Bacon Directions

1. Cut the Rice Paper (found in the Asian aisle of your grocery store) into medium wide strips

2. mix the ingredients for the marinade and pour them over the Rice Paper strips and let them sit while the pan is heating

3. On medium - high heat, fry a few strips at a time until they crisp up. Flip each strip at least once

4. Spread the Vegan mayo onto the sliced Baguette and layer the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato slices.